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JMP Automation is the leader in providing Smart Robotic Solutions for customers who are looking to increase production throughout, increase quality and reduce operating and labor costs. Customers select JMP Automation as their solution provider for difficult and never-before-automated robotic applications. Most of our applications are third or fourth generation designs and therefore reduce risk for customers because these solutions are production proven and backed by many customer testimonials.

Kind words from our clients

Because overall, it was a good experience.

Stamping support

Because JMP has a wide range of expertise, I am just not sure it was the best fit for this job in particular.

Complete packaging system PLC, HMI, network, scanner and conveyor upgrades

Because the equipment is good, the solution worked well and it was cost effective.

Palletizing turnkey robotic cell

Because I am happy with the overall support you provide.

Andon PLC programming and support

Because overall, I am extremely happy with your work.

Sonar wire tester

Because the guys are knowledgeable and they take their time to make sure the job is done right!

Paint mix room sensor integration

Because this was our first project together and it was a learning process for us too. For this type of project, I would use you again.

Axle pallet changer

Because of my experience with our usual JMP engineer. He is easy to work with and very conscientious.

Labnet freezer relocation

Because of you team's knowledge. We have specialized equipment that we trust you to work on.

Recipe management system modifications for press control system

Because your team is good at what they do. Right now we are involved in a few other projects, but when they close out in October we are willing to revisit some potential work with your team.

Phase 1 recommendations for plant automation

Because we do recommend you. We can't give a 10, because there would have had to be an extraordinary impressive thing that would have had to happen, but you always do good work.

AGV reporting and andon changes

Because all of the engineers at JMP are knowledgeable, they can deliver in a timely manner and they are professional.

Brake tester model change improvements

Because 10 would mean that I would use you exclusively. There are other options out there, but I am confident with your abilities.

Chlorine flow process adjustments and improvements

Because you are knowledgeable and professional.

Support and setup for replacement VFD

Because I like working with your team..they are always a pleasure to work with - good guys!

Controls for oil assurance system

I already have! I've personally worked with JMP since 2006 and will continue to do so in the future.

Safety upgrades, panels and integration

Because of your professionalism.

Troubleshoot and support ABB robot

Because overall I was happy with the service I received. The issues that came to the surface were all resolved quickly.

Fuel tank lifter controls support

Because of the cost effective solution and knowledgeable team. Everything was top notch! Your team was a joy to work with.

Sorting equipment remote support

Because you are good to work with and self-sustained. I do not know anyone else out there with the Rockwell knowledge that your team possesses.

Vision system line integration

Because Rich and Aaron do a great job of understanding our needs and executing well.

Sulfuric acid addition project

Well, if it is not a competitor I would give you a 10. We want to keep your to ourselves.

Cogen boiler controls upgrade

Because we have used you before and you do good work.

PLC Upgrade

In the past, I would have given you a much lower score, but the team in place now is dependable, knowledgeable and just overall great to work with!

Loss in weight blend system programming and commissioning

Because I am always happy with the team and the work.

Palletizer onsite assessment

Because we get good workmanship from your team.

Axle line process split

Because I have dealt with JMP for years and they are reliable and knowledgeable when it comes to PLC changes.

AGV cycle checks and improvements

Because of my experience with JMP - they are really good.

GSP system startup support

Because overall, you do a great job.

ControlLogix maintenance training

Because it is easy to work with you guys and you are accommodating to our changing needs.

Supply of dust collector control panels for multi-site locations

Because I have already referred you to others here because of your reliable support.

Controls site support

Knowledge and expertise

I've done work with JMP before and I have never had problems. This was the first project with which I had an issue. We picked out a smaller panel, but ended up getting a larger panel than the original. No one was able to give an answer as to why. There is also room for improvement on communication. It would have been nice to have a meeting before the panel was shipped over. It was missing a few buttons and some of them were wired incorrectly. Gentry is actually on site now addressing these issues.

The majority of the time your team does a great job.

Wall mount standard control panel for driveshaft press

The entire issue was resolved by your team. They knew exactly what was needed.

The proposal was 2-3 weeks late, but it was due to internal review.

I've worked with the San Antonio team and they are responsive, knowledgeable and dependable.

Water slide site support

Documentation, preparation and communication went well. The panels were built well and everything was on schedule, which was great!

I did not have to intervene in the project, which is always an added bonus.

The guys out here have been a pleasure to work with and are very knowledgeable. I've already recommended JMP to many colleagues!

Operator panels with HMI’s for conveyor control

You did fine.

Didn't I just say that you did fine?

What did I just say before? You did fine.

Start-up site support for feeders and vibratory conveyors

Your team was extremely responsive. Whenever we needed anything, they were here day or night.

The guys did a great job, the only issue we had is that the system was put in place by someone a few years ago that no longer works for JMP, so there was a learning curve which slowed things down a bit.

Once they figured it out, they did an amazing job!

Your team was extremely dependable and did a great job!

Siemens remote site support and hardware upgrades

You guys always do well for us and I never have any complaints. I'm happy with your service, which is why I continue to use you.

Having a local resource here in Vancouver.

The support we get. You are problem solvers who never let us down!

Airport Control Logix upgrade

We could not identify the root cause of the problem internally. We brought Eric in to troubleshoot and he not only solved the problem, but he also provided an added value by leaving us documentation to help us troubleshoot ourselves in the future.

We were somewhat disappointed in how long the discovery process took, but it was due to resource availability. We understand that this was not planned, so there is not anything you could have done on your end to prevent this.

I was happy with the support and even more happy with the solution your team provided.

Ultrasonic sensor investigation

One thing that was really nice for this project is that we usually deal with Ontario resources. This time they sent a resource from Calgary, which is closer to our location here. This saves us money, which is always a good thing. What impressed me most is that the Ontario team took the time to get Ryan up to speed on our system so time wasn't wasted upon his arrival.

This trip out was really good. However, on a previous trip, I mentioned a large palletizing project we had coming up and had asked for a proposal and I did not hear back from anyone. Two months later I received a call asking if we still had the need for that project. You were so slow in getting back to us, you almost missed the boat. The only reason why we might still be able to consider you for this job is that it was put on the back burner until later this year. I believe the mishap here was a lapse in your internal communication.

The knowledge and responsiveness of being able to come out and help us in a pinch when we need you. Your team is very dependable!

Fanuc robot improvements

Firstly, JMP resources were extremely knowledgeable regarding this project. The work ethics shown by JMP personnel was excellent. The good work ethic from JMP personnel was demonstrated during dealing in high stress situations (i.e. during buy-off, punchlist discussion with TMMC and equipment installation). Secondly, JMP resources were very helpful in coming up with cost-effective solutions during this project. We were deeply concerned about the practicality/implementation of newly added features. Outstanding dedication and remarkable technical proficiency of project manager in controls led to integration going very smooth and helped us achieve “0 min. DT for GSP Equipment during 1A trial builds. He proposed good ideas during buy-off and installation phase which ultimately resulted in $0 re-work on equipment and resolve deficiencies at early stages before it would result in any additional costs.

The area where it requires improvement would be parts lead time. The components required for GSP electrical Panels took longer than expected to arrive. As a result, the fabrication and buy-off timing was delayed. But, JMP did a good job to recover from that situation by compressing fabrication time, so that there was no impact to overall installation & trial build schedule.

Overall this project was very well managed by the project manager and supported by the controls specialist. Both of them were extremely supportive, collaborative & successful at maintaining constructive atmosphere in high-stress situations. JMP personnel patiently listened, negotiated and tackled all the punchlist items which were created during buy-off & installation. Moreover, JMP members patiently supported with troubleshooting multifaceted TVECS & PLC interlock issues and trained Maintenance members with PLC modifications.

Safety package upgrades

Project Manager was amazing! He did a great job for us. We made one change, and he was able to log in remotely and fix the problem. When he was out of town, his team member was able to make it out on short notice.

I cannot identify anything that JMP could do better. We had several problems that occurred, but they were all our mistakes.

This project went very well and I was extremely happy with what the Project Manager did for us.

You knocked this one out of the ballpark!

Remote support

Engineering a solution that is solid. Other organizations would not attempt to solve opportunity. JMP has worked very hard to form a partnership with us!

This is tough as they (JMP) have provided everything within scope. I believe as we continue this relationship it will only become stronger.

JMP has turned over every stone to look at providing the most cost effective solution to our opportunity. They have shown a high level of professionalism. I truly look forward to working with JMP on future projects.

1. Engineering a solution that other that is solid. Other organizations would not attempt to solve opportunity.
2. JMP has worked very hard to form a partnership with us!
3. Integrity
4. Willingness to fight for the project!

Egg roll automation – Phase 2

The project is not completed just yet, as there is still some PLC programming taking place due to be completed in March. Everything is on schedule and we are happy.

Your team is reliable and easy to work with.

Airport facility emergency controls replacement

Project Manager works very well with the organizations as a whole. His expertise in packloop programming and software development is his strength and provides value. Follow up from management during a difficult time was quick and options were presented in a rational efficient manner.

Line 74 engineering support

I've worked with the Controls specialist since 1998 and he is the most knowledgeable engineer with respect to the equipment we own. There is no one that I rely on or trust more than him. When he is not available, he shepherds the project with others who have done an outstanding job.

I'm never concerned about your ability to complete a project to my satisfaction.

There is no one that I rely on or trust more than your team.

T1003 Phase 1 servo system upgrade

Troubleshooting knowledge was impressive.

We did not have any problems with you. Great work!

Remote support

Good support and good working relationship.

Because we DO recommend you. Our company is risk-adverse, and your team has the most experience, which greatly reduces our risk.

Safety upgrade

Overall I am very satisfied with the service I receive from JMP. We experienced many roadblocks on this project, but they were overcome.

I was not able to get in touch with your team members quickly enough. Your company standard is to respond within 24 hours. For me, that is not fast enough sometimes. Since I addressed this issue with this project, response time has significantly improved.

Because overall each of your team members are knowledgeable. Even when they do not know the answers, they were able to get it from someone else on your team.

Carrier shortage PLC and Andon programming

Project Manager gave me great feedback and alternative solutions. He proposed an alternative method, which provided a better result than what we proposed.

Overall, we had some struggles with this project transitioning from my colleague to myself. I was not clear on scope, so I would have liked to have had someone from JMP review this with me to help me better manage the project. It really wasn't any fault of JMP - it was more our issue with the untimely transition.

If this project proves successful, we would like roll out to other areas of our company.

Compared to other vendors, you are thorough and follow up on work after it is finished. No other company follows up after the PO is closed out, and that really sets you apart.

Auto model selection programming

You did exactly what we asked, nothing above and beyond. Scope was met and billing was as expected.

Is there a better and more cost effective solution for the future? It was great that you came in and did the job that you needed to do, but it would have been nice if someone looked at our current set up and made recommendations for how we could make improvements in the future.

Nothing went wrong and you delivered within scope and budget.

CPL Robot system support

Knowledge of their system

I'm very happy with what you do for us. That’s why we keep calling you!

Tank farm support

Project manager was fantastic and went above and beyond understanding the project. There was a lot of patience required by your team, which they had.

It seemed very expensive. We started with a huge scope which had to be shaved down. It would have been nice to have been offered different packages to choose from in the beginning.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) – Stage 1 design

Knowledge of older UV3plus ProductFactory simulation and Onsite Testing with end customer

More than met my expectations on this project. Controls specialist did a great job during the FAT and SAT and the site was very happy with how prepared we were. The FAT on our end made the end client much more relaxed and thus the overall startup went off without any surprises. All of the effort on this project is very much appreciated, great work to JMP and the team.

UV3000P County site visit

The engineer knew the robots inside and out! We are not familiar with the robots from a technical side, so it was nice to have someone with experience who could provide guidance.

We don't have issues with you guys, but when we do, we are able to get in touch with someone immediately. Your afterhour’s services are amazing!

Depalletizing robot improvements

Communication, transparency and quick turnaround time. When the job was initially quoted, JMP said that they needed to start a week after the date we initially requested due to resource allocation. We appreciate the transparency and were able to work around that for a successful outcome for both parties involved.

Would have liked more of a heads up that we were ready to get started. However, this was a cut and dry project, so there was not a project kickoff meeting to set up a defined communication cadence.

Cooling tunnel safety upgrades

The whole project was handled well.

JMP gave us a lump sum cost and when I did the math, I felt that based on an hourly rate, the quote was too high. I'm not sure if your team thought that they would need to do all of the monitoring, but that was something we could do ourselves. At any rate, we asked that the price be changed to an hourly rate, which you did. It just would have been nice to have received that option in the beginning.

FactoryTalk RSBizware upgrade

Resource was accommodating and worked well with everyone

Timeliness of receiving documentation

Didn't have any issue with resource and he was professional, friendly, and easy to work with.

Vehicle systems support

The Project Manager tried his best and in my experience, the Controls specialist does an excellent job.

The program manager was off on holiday and did not have anyone to cover him. There was not a strong company to support them. The hydraulics portion had too much back and forth and there was not clear solution presented. The job was not completed on time and it did not seem like we were a priority to JMP.

Hydraulic press upgrades